Once a party has been added to the waitlist, hosts can seat or cancel it as needed.

To seat a waitlisted party, select the name on the list.

This is found either in the Waitlist Panel:

Or from the quick reference screen:

Find the guest on the Waitlist and select. This will pull up that guest,

and you can choose to call him/her, by tapping the blue button "Called" to the right.

Depending on your settings in Floor Rules, you may also have the option of using

the drop down feature to select Pre-seating Statuses, which will track and organise your guests on the waitlist.

When the guest is ready to be seated, you press the "Seated" button.

The system will mark the table as unavailable, begin tracking the flow of service

and the timer for the average table turn time.

If a guest does not show when called or notifies staff that they wish to be removed from the waitlist, the host will find their name on the list and select the Edit option.

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